The first team to beat the challenging new Final Fantasy XIV Raid gets caught cheating

The first team to beat the challenging new Final Fantasy XIV Raid gets caught cheating

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A final fantasy XIV The raid team had their world record revoked after they were caught using tools that developer Square Enix considers a form of cheating.

Nameless_, a fx iv raid team, became the first in the world to clear The Omega Protocola new exceptionally difficult ultimate raid first introduced to the MMO in patch 6.31 In the past week. However, shortly after the official fx iv The Twitter account congratulated the team on their achievement, a video that circulated online of an unnamed raid player using UI mod plugins to move the in-game camera away for a better view of the raid battle, according to pc gamer. (The use of third-party tools is prohibited in fx iv.) The incident led to the team facing punishment and game director Naoki Yoshida expressing his deep disappointment.

As reported by pc gamerSquare Enix removed all eight raid player achievements from Unnamed_ for cleaning up the raid and team registration has been removed from fflogsa website that tracks fx iv raid data.

One of the strangest aspects of the story is how the deception was revealed. Everything seemed normal Monday morning, when the team posted screenshots of his assassination and cemented themselves as the first in the world to break the Omega Protocol. However, as pc gamer reports, later, that day an unlisted YouTube video appeared showing a member of Unnamed in the raid using a mod that allowed them to step away from the action and see the battle from a larger point of view. As for the provenance of the video, Named_ Feuer E’, who watched his teammates take on the Omega Protocol raid via Discord’s screen sharing feature, alleges that someone hacked into his YouTube channel and uploaded the video. The name of the YouTube channel, which translates to “Divine Judgment”, was created two days before the video was published. You can watch the video below.

ズームハック 絶オメガ

fx iv Players often use plugins to improve quality of life, such as modifying cosmetic items or damage logs, but the use of camera plugins is considered prohibited, especially in World First raids. a constant source of tension between high-level gamers and Square Enix.

While some FFXIV players online took to poking fun at the raid team’s cheating by posting memes, others pointed out how common is the use of plugins in the community, especially to clean up a raid.

Kotaku contacted Square Enix for comment.

Revoked the in-game rewards that the team earned from the raid. According to a translated screenshot of a message between a member of the raid and a fx iv game master, whose translation was verified by pc gamerthe GM told a member of the Unnamed_ team that while they didn’t cheat directly, they “still took advantage of that cheat and therefore benefited from it”, before asking them to remove the items they received.

“Apologies for the late notice. We all just received in-game punishment for this matter,” Unnamed member Tatsuya Suzuki. wrote in a tweet. “Finally, I’m really sorry for all the trouble I caused the fx iv development team, the community and all my friends. I will be careful in my activities from now on.”

Yoshi-P Punishment

in a blog postGame director Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida referred to how “extremely disappointed” he was with the Strike Team’s use of third-party UI mods, “as a player”.

It is extremely disappointing for me personally to see this commotion around third party tools once again in the wake of what happened with Dragonsong’s Reprise (Ultimate). As an individual entrusted with full oversight of FFXIV, it is my responsibility to enact countermeasures and police the use of these tools, as well as educate people not to use these types of third-party tools; this is especially unfortunate when I as a player encourage everyone who is learning this content by trial and error and striving to clear it.

At the end of the blog post, Yoshi-P reiterated that if the fx iv team discovers “unlawful use of third-party tools” in the future, it will not recognize that raid team as “the real World First”.

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“I want to specifically apologize to many of you who continue to clean up this content without the use of third party tools, constantly streaming your progress and continuing the trial and error process,” Yoshi-P wrote at the end of the post. fx iv blog post. “However, keep in mind that the Development and Operations teams take note of all your passion. Make sure you take proper care of yourself as you continue to tackle the Omega (Ultimate) Protocol.”

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