Marvel’s Avengers Fans Saw the Ending Coming, But That Doesn’t Stop the Disappointment – IGN Latin America

Marvel's Avengers Fans Saw the Ending Coming, But That Doesn't Stop the Disappointment - IGN Latin America

Fans of Marvel’s Avengers may have seen its ending coming, but that doesn’t stop the disappointment caused by not seeing its story finished or its potential realized.

Following developer Crystal Dynamics’ announcement that it was scrapping Avengers and ending active development, its community took to social media to share their disappointment.

Many complained that cosmetics were made for free. after their dedicated community had already spent considerable amounts of money on them, others lamented that long requested features would never come to beY others simply shared their sadness that a game they enjoyed is closing down.

However, the biggest complaint seems to be that the Avengers will always have an unfinished story, as despite having three main expansions, the plot points established in the base game will now remain unanswered.

This was the biggest problem for Reddit user Isa-MCwho said that Avengers was “a game full of potential, it ended up not fulfilling its full story”, adding that “the fact that we don’t get the Kree, Ultron, Carol and a proper ending really puts me off.”

another user, red696He hoped a Marvel miniseries would end the story, saying it would “give us all some closure.”

youtuber bobpatontejidowho has played and covered Avengers since day one of its beta and logged around 2,000 hours, agreed that this is the biggest hoax.

“We’ll never see a resolution to the main story and we’ll never really see its full potential realized,” he told IGN. “I don’t doubt the passion and talent of the developers themselves, I just wish they were given the much-needed resources to at least wrap up the final parts that had been set up since day one.”

Marvel Avengers Fights

In addition to sewing together story threads that would never come to be from day one, Avengers has also been panned by fans and critics since it was first revealed. IGN called it one of the biggest disappointments of E3 2019, citing the game’s lack of post-launch support for the live service as a problem early on.

We brought this up again in our 6/10 review, saying that while the “Avengers campaign is fun and endearing, the loot-based post-play destined to be the meat of this meal is unrewarding and overly repetitive.”

This was also evidenced by the data of the players since, according to Steam databaseThe 30,000 or so players at launch dropped to less than 10,000 two weeks later and to around 3,000 two weeks after that, a worrying trend for a live service game that was intended to improve over time.

This is what contributed the most to its downfall, BobDuckNWeave said, as while Fortnite has regular updates that keep its core audience actively engaged, Crystal Dynamics chose to release larger story-based expansions once or twice a year. he did not keep people around.

“It always seemed like the Avengers just lacked the player base to be able to survive this way, as there was very little replayable content being added to the endgame, so people would replay the free story DLCs and then quit.” I was going without diving into multiplayer and interacting with the market,” he said.

The writing was on the wall

However, BobDuckNWeave hoped that active development would continue for a while longer, at least to include the long-rumored Kree Invasion and Captain Marvel DLC (data found in the latest update), but admitted that his announcement of exclusion was not a big surprise. .

“I think a lot of us who played the game, and a lot of us who don’t, knew the writing was on the wall,” he said. “As time went on we got less and less communication from the team about what they were working on, we heard from them only when there was a major update like a new character, also the time between these updates also increased causing a relatively small player-base to continue shrinking.”

“A lot of people are definitely out. Some are just fine with what they got from the game. Others are angry and upset that their investment of time and money is gone.”

The inclusion of The Winter Soldier back in November as a playable character was clearly not enough to get the Avengers back into consideration for Crystal Dynamics, but despite being the last major piece of content to come to the game, BobDuckNWeave hopes that some of the community keep playing.

“While this game has been extremely polarizing for the gaming community as a whole, there are people who loved and even still love the game,” he said. “[They] We’re still working to provide feedback to developers to leave us with something we’ll enjoy playing after the final update in March.”

It remains to be seen how many players will stick around after the final update, of course, with BobDuckNWeave saying that “a lot of people are definitely out. Some are just fine with what they got from the game. Others are angry and upset.” that your investment of time and money is gone.

“However, I believe that this game will continue to be played much longer than many thought,” he added. “I will continue to play it even after delisting. For all its faults, I still love the game, and since I occasionally return to games like Mass Effect, Skyrim, and more, I will continue to do so with Marvel’s Avengers.”

Ryan Dinsdale is a freelance journalist for IGN and acting news editor from the UK. He will talk about The Witcher all day.