Sean Payton Trade Ratings: Broncos Run for Super Bowl-Winning Head Coach; Saints get two valuable picks

Sean Payton Trade Ratings: Broncos Run for Super Bowl-Winning Head Coach;  Saints get two valuable picks

Sean Payton addresses the Denver Broncos as the franchise’s next head coach, according to CBS Sports NFL Insider Jonathan Jonesafter Denver allegedly acquired its contractual rights from the New Orleans Saints. the saints and broncos have finalized trade compensation for head coach Sean Payton, according to ESPNpaving the way for the Super Bowl champion head coach to become Denver’s next head coach.

Denver sends its 2023 first-round pick to San Francisco (No. 30 overall) and a 2024 second-round pick to New Orleans for Payton and its 2024 third-round pick, according to Adam Schefter. The first-round pick sent out by Denver is actually the one acquired from dolphins trade for linebacker Bradley Chubb. Miami initially acquired the pick from 49ers as part of the trey lance negotiate. The Dolphins no longer have a first-round pick in 2023 after theirs was lost as a result of the tom brady manipulation investigation. Now, Denver joins Miami as a team that lacks a first-round pick in the upcoming draft since sending its own first round pick as part of a larger deal to the Los Angeles Lakers. Seattle Seahawks to acquire quarterback Russell Wilson.

Payton, 59, last coached the Saints in 2021 but remains under contract, making it necessary to complete a trade. With the Saints, he became the winningest coach in franchise history with a 152-89 record (.631 winning percentage) and a 9-8 record in the playoffs. New Orleans had one playoff win in team history before Payton’s arrival. The saints reached the top of the mountain in Super Bowl XLIV, his only championship in team history under Payton’s leadership. With him and predominantly future Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees, the Saints offense ranked second in points per game (27.5), first in total yards per game (391.4), first in rate third down conversion rate (45.4%) and the first red zone. conversion rate (61.1%) from 2006-2021. Those ranges exclude the 2012 season in which Payton was suspended for the team’s Bountygate scandal.

This trade and hiring of Payton occurred in large part because russell wilson He struggled a lot in his first season as a Bronco. He completed just 60% of his passes for 16 passing scores, 11 interceptions and an 84.4 passer rating. All of them were ranked 25th or worse in the entire league. Wilson went 4-11 as a starter, resulting in first-year head coach Nathaniel Hackett being fired before the conclusion of the 2022 season. The Broncos averaged 16.9 points per game in 2022, the most low of the entire league.

Here’s the total compensation the Broncos have parted ways with to make Russell Wilson their franchise quarterback: The team signed him to a five-year, $245 million extension before he took a regular-season turn with the team. , Y Sean Payton his new head coach. Here’s the total Broncos haul for Russell Wilson and Sean Payton:

traded broncos

Three first-round picks
Three second-round picks
2022 fifth-round pick
QB Drew Lock
T. E. Noah Fant
D.L. Shelby Harris

received broncos

quarterback russell wilson
H. C. Sean Payton
2022 fourth-round pick
2024 third-round pick

Below are the trade ratings for both the Broncos and Saints in the deal that sent Payton to Mile High. The Broncos will be graded on a curve because of their significant investment in Russell Wilson.

Sean Payton Business Ratings

saints: a

New Orleans coming out with a first-round pick in the upcoming 2023 NFL Draft AND a 2024 second-round pick for their best head coach in team history is an absolute steal. Payton retired/resigned as head coach of the Saints after the 2021 season after looking around and realizing that life in New Orleans wasn’t so rosy without Drew Brees. Typically, a team trying to trade a disgruntled star player under contract generates a lower return than the team that parted ways with the star would have expected. However, the Saints were able to force the Broncos to dump two first-round picks anyway out of desperation. Phenomenal job from Saints general manager Mickey Loomis.

New Orleans will now be able to participate in the first round of the upcoming draft after it traded its own pick to the philadelphia eagles A year ago. This trade doesn’t fully correct that mistake as this pick will be in the bottom of the first round instead of the top 10 as his own pick would have been, but Loomis came close to the ballpark of what he might have expected by parting ways. with someone who no longer wanted to be a part of the franchise despite not having a huge amount of leverage.

Broncos: B+

This rating comes with the acknowledgment that the franchise has linked itself to Russell Wilson for better or worse with the trade and contract extension they made for him.

This was a trade-and-sign Denver had to make considering its heavy investment in Wilson. The Broncos gave the declining quarterback $165 million in guaranteed money, including $124 million at the signing of his five-year extension and $245 million, according to General manager George Paton needs Wilson back in shape after having the worst year of his career in 2022 since the new ownership that didn’t hire him now runs the show. While schematically, Payton’s fast-paced, pass-rush offense that featured Drew Brees reading defenses almost exclusively from the pocket stands in contrast to Wilson’s best strength over the course of his career, his ability to create out of the pocket, The Broncos had to go looking for the most successful coach with the shortest quarterback in NFL history.

Normally, giving up this kind of loot for someone who isn’t even an active player would be somewhere in the B- to C range, but the Broncos get a B+ because they were able to complete a deal that positions Wilson to have the best chance. in a career renaissance. If Wilson can’t bounce back with Payton as his head coach and playcaller, that’s an indictment for the quarterback. The Broncos’ front office and ownership group can sleep easy knowing they did everything they could to succeed with Russell Wilson and deliver on his heavy investment in him.

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